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Flemish Genealogical Society East-Flanders




Belgium is a kingdom in western Europe, between Holland, Germany, France and England. This homepage focuses on genealogy in the country, in the northern Dutch-speaking part, and more especially the province East-Flanders (with Gent as county-city).

Familiekunde Vlaanderen
National FV-Center for Family history (Antwerp)
Public birth, marriage and death records keeping started in 1796. Records of baptism, marriage and burial keeping started around 1590-1650 (1570 in Gent!), varying from parish to parish. These parish registers were indexed by name in the 19th century.
Many other sources of interests to genealogists exist. We have regional archives (Beveren, Gent, Ronse) and some of the city-archives have very old records (Aalst, Gent, Oudenaarde). Unfortunately also some of our finest ancient archives were destroyed during World War I (Dendermonde). 
In 1964 the FV was founded in Gent. It is the youngest but the largest of the three major genealogical societies in Belgium. The provincial section East-Flanders now has about 800 members.
Provincial committee FV East-Flanders
Provincial FV-Center for Family history
Every year an East-Flemish Genealogical Meeting is organized in october.
The FV-province East-Flanders is a dynamic genealogical society, organizing many activities in their 7 regional branches.


  • *   = member General Assembly   

  • ** = national administrator  

Chairman: Luc De Backer **
Vice Chairman: Marc Maeyens ** marc.maeyens@adegem.net
Secretary: Felix Waldack **

Treasurer: Claire Schalck
fax +32.9.2512283


FV Regio AALST   Contact E-mail
Chairman: Hugo Buts
Secretary: Karine Hendrickx
Treasurer: Carine Jacob
FV Regio DEINZE   Contact E-mail
Chairman: Claude Gekiere *
Secretary: Guido Demuynck
Treasurer: Marc De Keukelaere
FV Regio DENDERMONDE Contact E-mail
Chairman: Ben Waterschoot
Treasurer: Marc Vlassenroot
Documentationcentre "Prinsenhof"
Vlasmarkt 29 Dendermonde
FV Regio GENT   Contact E-mail
Chairman: Felix Waldack
Secretary: Suzanne Viaene
Treasurer: Claire Schalck - Van de Velde
FV Regio LAND van WAAS   Contact E-mail
Chairman: Luc De Backer **
Secretary: Jean-Pierre Vaneygen
Hilaire Van den Abeele
Documentationcentre Land van Waas,
Zamanstraat 49 Sint-Niklaas.
FV Regio MEETJESLAND Contact E-mail
Chairman: Ronny Debbaut *
Secretary: Marc Maeyens **
Treasurer: Marc Maeyens **
FV Regio VLAAMSE ARDENNEN Contact E-mail
Chairman: Edgard Van Droogenbroeck *
Secretary: Jos Van Eeckhoudt

Treasurer: Marc Vuylsteke
Maalzaakstraat, 21 Etikhove (zo. 10 u - 12 u)


Jozef Dauwe **

René De Clercq


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